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Cocktail Anahi

Pups from our second litter and Me, September 1993. In 1991, I decided to own a dog.

I was looking for a breed that kept the features of a puppy forever: falling ears, sweet expression, funny temper, permanent game inclination, etc.

Besides, I essentially required that they were not to grow too much, because by that moment I didn't have enough space to offer them.

After consulting every single Dog Breed Enciclopedy that was put in front of me, I choose the breed that afterwards would become my passion: the English Cocker Spaniel.

That is how "Lara" came into my life. A blue roan female puppy, that might be not structurally marvellous, but didn't have big standard faults and was member of a promising blood line. She was mainly descendant of british individuals, from the land where the breed was born.

This made me try to keep some descendence from her when she had her first chance...

It was exciting to realize all the qualities that her genetic was promising: typical individuals, strong, lively, vigorous, healthy puppies and of an unbelievable merry character, like a true Cocker must be!!!

Since then, a daughter and a son of her have stayed at home:
"Mora"and "Oviedo".

With them I kept on this exciting walk of breeding, where every single puppy is the fruit of a completely evaluated crossing.

By this mean, we minimize not wished factors -like hereditary illness or aggressive behaviour- and we are able to boost other desireable patterns of the breed, like healthy hair & skin or a balanced temper.

That's why, every MaySun puppy that is adopted by a new family, manages to inspire the same feelling that has made grow in me this wonderful dog breed.

Go ahead!! Test them yourself!!