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"MaySun", Particolor English Cocker Spaniels


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Cocktail Anahi

at 5 weeks
Cocktail Quika, 5 weeks old

at 9 monthsCocktail Quika, 9 months old

Cocktail Quika


Blue Roan & Tan Female

Born: September 9, 2006.

Sire: MaySun Imanol ~ Dam: MaySun Huyén



Never been Mom yet!

MaySun Isidora, 8 months old

MaySun Isidora and MaySun "K" pups

MaySun Isidora

Liver Roan Female

Born: May 10, 2005.

Sire: CH. Gloucester's Watchword

Dam: CH. Cocktail L'Orange


Mother of our "K" and "L" litters

MaySun Huyen

MaySun Huyen and pups

MaySun Huyén


Orange Roan Female

Born: October 22 , 2004.

Sire: CH. Cocktail Cabsha ~ Dam: MaySun Carola


Co-Owned with Cocktail Kennel
Mother of "Q" and "U" litters in Cocktail Kennel

MaySun Carola

MaySun Carola and MaySun "J" pups

MaySun Carola

Orange Roan Female

Born: January 08 , 2000.

Sire: Ch. MaySun Aquiles ~ Dam: Brecknock Moonlight Shadow


Mother of our "D", "F", "H", "J" and "M" litters
She is retired now

Champ. Cocktail L'Orange, 8 months old

Champ. Cocktail L'Orange and MaySun "I" pups

CH. ARG. Cocktail L'Orange ("Lisa")


Orange & White Female

Born: May 28 , 1998.

Sire: Ch. Cocktail Cabsha ~ Dam: Cocktail Fiona



Mother of our "A", "E", "G" and "I" litters.
She is retired now.

Brecknock Moonlight Shadow

Brecknock Moonlight Shadow pregnant. She was carrying our "C" litter at that moment.

Brecknock Moonlight Shadow ("Mora")

Blue Roan Female

Born: September 26 , 1993.
Deceased: September 11, 2007.

Sire: Gr.Ch. Holliwood Star de Infiesta ~
Dam: Mayfair Pleasant Surprise


Mother of our 3rd., "B" and "C" litters
I sadly miss you, Morita!


Lara and our first litter

Mayfair Pleasant Surprise ("Lara")

Blue Roan Female

Born: January 10 , 1991.
Deceased: October 10, 1999.

Sire: Gr.Ch. Gloucester's Gifted ~
Dam: Mayfair Aquarelle


Mother of our 1st. and 2nd. litters
My first cocker and greatest love!